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Developing International Experience for Students through Virtual Mobility

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Nowadays socio-economic, political, cultural processes have become more complex, globalized and virtualized. The industry 4.0 determines the current development worldwide. Global virtual collaboration has advanced to a new challenge for the society. For years, the European Commission has been investing a lot for student mobility, mainly through the Erasmus+ Programme.


In order to reach as many people as possible, the European Ministers of Education emphasized now on the need to involve a larger number of students and to develop virtual mobility.

MOVIDIS project aims to give the opportunity to bachelor students in Economics, to receive an international experience from home institution through the concept of Virtual Mobility (VM) - internationalization at home. It can contribute to strengthening international, digital, and virtual collaborative skills of transnational students, to preparing students to the attainment of global career readiness competencies, and finally, to implementing new vision of internationalization of participating HEIs.

Nowadays, MOVIDIS has been running for 2 years, enabling to gather feedback and testimonies from our students and tutors. Discover them to get more information on the positive impact of MOVIDIS on students life!

Read our testimonies

Tutor at the University Côte d'Azur, France

As a French student, and because Erasmus means sharing your experiences, I tried to mention as much as possible France and the French culture to make them discover this country.

I really enjoy this experience. It allowed me to speak and be more fluent in English. I would definitely recommend tutoring.

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Student at FHM,

The virtual mobility was a great experience and especially during the pandemic a unique opportunity to be part of other European universities and to get to know inspiring people.


I would definitively do virtual mobility again and I can recommend it to everyone. It was for me a great learning experience, personally as well as professionally. And it was also a nice time with great people.

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Student at the University of Turin, Italy

Virtual mobility was a challenging and interesting program because I had the opportunity to meet new people and learn new ways of learning different from the ones of my country.

The kind of tutorship that is part of the MOVIDIS program is very useful, the tutors are very interested in their work.

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What is VM within the Movidis project? How does it work?

Through the use of ICT, students and teachers can experience international exchanges of expertise while staying at home. As mobility and internationalization are becoming increasingly important in today’s society, this is a significant evolution for those not able to enjoy any physical exchange. The Being Mobile team defines Virtual Mobility in Higher Education Institutions as follows: Virtual Mobility is a form of learning which consists of virtual components through an ICT supported learning environment that includes cross-border collaboration with people from different backgrounds and cultures working and studying together, having, as its main purpose, the enhancement of intercultural understanding and the exchange of knowledge. 

Nowadays, students can be hindered by diverse troubles and barriers such as physical disabilities, financial issues, lack of foreign language skills, misunderstanding of foreign culture, fear, to complete benefit from mobility programmes. MOVIDIS project aims to give the opportunity to any student, independently from social and physical barriers, to receive an international experience through the concept of Virtual Mobility (VM). 

Virtual Mobility is made possible through ICT supported environments that include, for example, collaborative workspaces, computer mediated conferencing, live streaming and videoconferencing. 

The MOVIDIS project is hence offering Virtual Study Programme at a HEI giving students from different countries the chance to take this study programme without having to go abroad for a whole academic year. 

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The MOVIDIS project is offering a Virtual Higher Education Study Programme, giving students from different countries the chance to take a semester abroad virtually. 

You will enjoy an immersive international experience. Instead of moving physically to only one university (as classic physical mobility), thanks to the Erasmus+ MOVIDIS project and its consortium, you will have the chance and the opportunity to select and study in at least 2 or 3 different universities!


And of course, without moving from your home: Therefore, no need to worry about travel insurance, travel expenses, accommodation, or other administrative paperwork…

Your only duty: apply to the call for application within your university!

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If the student is at the centre of the Virtual Mobility, the tutor is nonetheless the keystone in the project and in the virtual mobility exchange.

Indeed, what is an Erasmus+ exchange without someone being here to guide you, to introduce you to the system of the University, to help you when needed?

In classic physical mobility, there is often an Erasmus+ office or a tutor, a mentor that is here to assist you. Here in the virtual mobility, this role will be taken by the tutor!

If the tutoring is mainly helping for the courses, it can take different angles depending on the wish and on the need of each student, and on the requirement of the teachers.

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