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Discover our Courses' Catalog

This catalogue presents the pool of courses in the frame of students’ Virtual Mobility to be offered among MOVIDIS partner institutions. Each course is described in terms of learning outcomes, indicative content, number of ECTS granted, name of course teacher, and language each course will be taught in.

In total, 24 courses have been identified by six higher education institutions from France, Spain, Italy, and Germany. 20 of them are courses in Economics, such as World Economy, Environmental Economics, Channel Management, Social Media Marketing, Company Formation, Business Strategy. They address undergraduate 2nd- or 3rd-year students in Economics who wish to take a course at any university abroad without leaving their countries. In addition, 4 foreign language courses focusing on applying in the business context are included in the pool of Virtual Mobility courses: French, Italian, Spanish, and German.

First Virtual Mobility Session

From January 2021 to June 2021

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Second Virtual Mobility Session

From September 2021 to January 2022

Image de Estée Janssens

Third Virtual Mobility Session

From January 2022 to June 2022

VM application PROCESS and STEPS - If you are a student in 3rd year of Economics from one of those 6 universities


Call for application in your “home” University

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Image de Markus Winkler


Application within your university

  1. Prepare and send your resume + academic record + motivation letter

  2. Provide the learning agreement pre-completed with the courses selected for Virtual Mobility

  3. Select the courses based on the learning offer the catalogue

With at least: 2 courses of Economics & 1 course of Language

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Evaluation and Selection by the selection committee within your home universitY

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Once accepted: you will be able to start your Virtual Mobility!

Your “Host” universities will contact you to:

  1. Provide your IRO (LA, registration, student number…). You will be in contact with your new teachers and your international tutor for your economic courses

  2.  Claim for your presentation video: You will need to send a short presentation video of you to your new teachers & tutors

  3. Provide you with access to the guide and online Moodle platform: You will get access to the platform (Moodle) where your courses will be displayed

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Start of the VM : Virtual courses, engaging activities, tutor monitoring, exams

Image de Kyle Glenn
Image de Matt Botsford


End of the VM

Access to: 

  1. Transcript of records from “host” universities,

  2. Transfer and recognition at “home” university

  3. VM participation certificate or open badge

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Report/testimony of VM experience

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