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O1 - Design of the courses structure and of thecomplementary pedagogical activities

The first Intellectual Output of the MOVIDIS project has been completed! This Intellectual output was aiming at selecting within the partners curricula, the courses in economics and foreign languages which will be implemented through the Virtual classroom and design the courses structures.

An agreed common framework for the design of the courses’ content has been developed including:

  • The length of the content

  • The format of the content: video, PDF…

  • What kind of additional educational materials and resources will complement the above mentioned

  • content and added to the courses

  • Which kind of pedagogical methodology/approach they want to use in order to follow and evaluate

  • students’s work (social learning, peers evaluation activities, …)

As a result, a full catalog has been published, presenting the pool of courses in the frame of students’ Virtual Mobility to be offered among MOVIDIS partner institutions. Each course is described in terms of learning outcomes, indicative content, number of ECTS granted, name of course teacher, and language each course will be taught in.

In total, 24 courses have been identified by six higher education institutions from France, Spain, Italy, and Germany. 20 of them are courses in Economics, such as World Economy, Environmental Economics, Channel Management, Social Media Marketing, Company Formation, Business Strategy. They address undergraduate 2nd- or 3rd-year students in Economics who wish to take a course at any university abroad without leaving their countries. In addition, 4 foreign language courses focusing on applying in the business context are included in the pool of Virtual Mobility courses: French, Italian, Spanish, and German.

A student is expected to choose a number of courses from this pool that allow him/her to earn at least 12 ECTS during one semester. The relevant prerequisite is: one course of those 12 ECTS should be Foreign language course. The most obvious combination would be: 2 Economics courses + 1 language course. Each course is supposed to be covered during one semester the duration of which is January – June 2021.

All courses will be offered fully online and present a pedagogically-sound combination of synchronous live sessions and asynchronous learning activities.

There are no geographical barriers when selecting courses. The 12 ECTS indicated above can be taken at any institution that participates in the MOVIDIS Virtual Mobility. For example, it is possible to take one course at Università di Genova, one course at Université Côte d’Azur, and one at Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Download the full output here:

Download PDF • 571KB


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