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We talked about Virtual Mobility and MOVIDIS in the French Press

With this ad vitam aeternam sanitary situation and the resulting confinements, the French journal AEF (information agency specializing in higher education and research) has written an article about the Internationalisation at home and how the situation is tackled in France in different universities.

On this occasion, the Movidis Office at Université Côte d’Azur has been interviewed by the journal to talk about the project MOVIDIS, the Virtual mobility and the process established with the partner universities.

This is good news for the project that will get more and more famous!

Download the full article in French hereunder:

Download PDF • 952KB

Abstract and translation from the press release:

Published by AEF info - Issue n° 644571

By ZOÉ COURTOIS - Published on 22/02/2021

"In several universities, virtual mobility comes in a form that is both lighter in terms of the number of courses followed by the foreign partner, but also more co-constructed. For example, within the framework of the European University Movidis, in which the University Côte d'Azur is involved, students in economic degree from Nice can choose one or two courses (in addition to a compulsory language class) offered by one of the partners including the universities of Turin, Madrid, Seville, Genoa and Biefield.

The most important is to "create a feeling of belonging", explains Virginie Oddo, director of the strategy development department at the University Côte d'Azur. "This goes through an immersion method (or 'dive-in'): I discover, I participate in online events, I create content ".

In the case of Movidis, mobility is validated by a teacher and registered in the study contract, which is "signed by the pedagogical manager and by the one of the following semester", further specifies

Virginie Oddo. "He/She will be responsible for validating the credits."

The University Côte d'Azur University has several European mobility programs like this one and is planning to set up a common web platform to connect its various networks."


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